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Guidance and Career Center


The Guidance & Career Center (GCC) is one of the resource areas located in USC High School. The GCC contains printed and non-print materials for post-secondary planning. The GCC will help students and parents in locating information about careers, post-secondary options, and financial aid. Parents and students may visit the GCC Monday thru Friday from 7:45-3:45p.m. or call the GCC at 553-5805.


Materials and resources available in the GCC include:

Post high school occupational data 
Two and four year, technical, community, public and private college bulletins and catalogs 
College reference handbooks (i.e., Peterson's, College Board, and Kaplan) 
Scholarship and financial aid information and applications 
Career files with data on career descriptions, opportunities and related fields 
ACT/SAT/PSAT packets and study guides for the ACT, SAT & PSAT exams 
Opportunities to meet with college representatives 
MCIS computer program, an excellent means of assessing one's interests, abilities, and values and relating this assessment to college or occupation exploration. 
Military contacts and information 
Career and interest inventories 
Personal and Social Issues Information 

United South Central Schools has a counselor available at the high school level for students in grades 7-12. 

Services offered:
Oversee the student's general academic progress and provide interventions. 
Assist in the educational planning and scheduling of students. 
Operate an up-to-date educational and vocational information materials center for students, parents, and faculty and community. 
Administer a testing program for college, careers, and personal appraisal. 
Interpret to students and their parents test results and student progress. 
Establish a connection between school programs and student needs. 
Assist students with scholarships, post-secondary, applications, and transition planning for life. 



Certain test results are an integral part of the admissions process to most colleges. The higher your test scores the better your chances of admission to a greater number of schools. There are two tests that are usually used for admission purposes:

ACT - The American College Test is composed of four sections in English Usage, Mathematical Usage, Reading Comprehension, and Natural Sciences. The ACT also includes a student profile section which allows the student to explain their plans for the future.

SAT I - Scholastic Assessment Test I: Reasoning Test (formerly called the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT) is a three hour test, primarily multiple choice, that measures your verbal and mathematical abilities.

SAT II - Subject Tests (formerly called Achievement Tests or ACH) are one hour, multiple choice tests given in specific subject areas and measure your accumulated knowledge in those subjects.



Minnesota Career Information Ssytem (MCIS) - MCIS is a computerized career information system designed to assist students in career guidance. Students can obtain information about occupations, colleges, financial aid, and the military. This system is located in the GCC and Media Center.



Post secondary Options Enrollment Program - The PSEO Act was enacted by the State of Minnesota in 1985 to enable 11th and 12th grade students to enroll in courses at eligible post-secondary institutions at no cost to the pupil. It is possible for a student to earn both high school and post-high school credit for their course work. Information about the program and how to enroll can be obtained from your counselor. 

Reciprocity - Through reciprocity, residents of Minnesota may attend Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota at special tuition rates that are lower than the tuition usually charged to out of state residents. Additional information and applications are available in the GCC. You may also apply online:

Campus Visits - Students and parents are often not fully aware of what many post secondary schools are like. Counselors suggest that in order to make the best possible decisions, students and their parents should visit the school. The best time to visit a post secondary school is when it is in session-an accurate assessment can be made about classes, housing, meals, and other areas of concern. Some schools schedule opportunities for visits, while others have less formalized opportunities for observation. Call before you plan to visit. Students need to fill out a college visit form three days in advance. Forms are available in the GCC.

School Representatives - Representatives of many different post secondary schools as well as the military visit the GCC during the year. They provide information about various programs and courses of study. This is an easy, convenient way for students to gather information about schools that they are interested in. Dates and times will be published on the updates.