Flexible Learning Days

What is Flexible Learning? Flexible Learning involves online or teacher-prepared lessons that students do when away from the physical school building.  By using one-to-one Chromebooks/iPads and by making provisions for students without such devices,  USC recognizes that education can continue even when students and teachers are not in the same location.  Along with emphasizing the value of learning, the Flexible Learning initiative encourages character growth in the areas of self-sufficiency, adaptability, and perseverance.

What does Flexible Learning look like at USC? - K-4 students will complete hands-on activities at home on a day when regular school is cancelled. Because many students do have home access to devices and Internet, optional eLearning assignments may be suggested. - 5-12 students will complete assignments posted on Schoology, the school’s online learning platform.  These assignments may include science, math, or language arts work on IXL; online discussions or other peer interaction; video creation or viewing;  hands-on projects; reading assignments; formative assessments (practice quizzes) and feedback; short written responses or continued work on a previously assigned project.

How will families be notified about Flex Days? - Parents will receive an announcement about Flexible Learning expectations through the school messaging system. - A notice will be placed on the USC website.  - If possible, the implementation of a Flexible Learning Day will be broadcast in conjunction with the school closing announcements on radio and tv. To learn more about USC Flex Learning Days, click these links: Goals & Guidelines for USC's Flex Learning Days (2019-20) District-Wide Flexible Learning Program Approved by Board (2019-20)