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Dr. Seuss Day 2018
Green Eggs & Ham and Lots of Smiles!


"Wind in the Willows" was performed during Snow Week. Merideth K., Liz S., Emily C., Joy K., Nick S. and Hap K.

"Wind in the WIllows" -- USC's One-Act & Bl

Under the direction of  Doug Sahr & Kirsten Wegner, this year's one-act entry placed 3rd in sub-sections.  Mr. Sahr said, "We had a solid show that got the attention of the whole competition -- Not a single body was in the commons which is a good sign that we have a fun show to watch."  Seniors Brady Berg and Joy Kroschell led the cast in their roles as Toad and Mole and were supported by 14 cast and crew members.


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