2024 United South Central School Board Members:


Mike Schrader 507-380-4930 
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Vice Chair

Brad Heggen 507-525-3031 
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Chris Lutteke  507-525-3861 
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Diana Brooks  507-473-3840 Email Diana Brooks


Brittany Voigt   651-895-9709
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Katie Hanson 612-532-0948 
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Student Representatives

12th Grade: Allie Lammey

11th Grade: Reyna Gallardo

USC Board Members Brad Heggen, Brittany Voigt, Katie Hanson, Mike Schrader, Chris Lutteke, Sup. Taylor Topinka, and Diana Brooks

School Board Roles and Process:

  • Developing a vision for the school district,

  • Setting goals and monitoring progress,

  • Establishing school district policy,

  • Hiring, directing, and evaluating the superintendent,

  • Attending training in governance and education issues,

  • Aligning resources with goals,

  • Collaborating with community partners,

  • Ensuring facilities are safe and adequate,

  • Communicating with stakeholders,

  • Monitoring student achievement,

  • Approving collectively bargained employee contracts, and

  • Advocating student needs to lawmakers.

2024 Committee Assignments

Operations Committee:   Chris Lutteke (Chair), Mike Schrader, Katie Hanson

World's Best Workforce Committee:  Diana Brooks (chair), Chris Lutteke, Katie Hanson and Student Representatives

Workforce Committee:
  Mike Schrader (chair), Brad Heggen, Brittany Voigt

Community Relations Committee:  Brad Heggen (chair), Brittany Voigt, Diana Brooks

Community Education Representative:
  Brittany Voigt

MSHSL Representative:  Brad Heggen

Legislative Representative: 
 Katie Hanson

Special Education Cooperative Representative:  Mike Schrader